Map of Südtirol
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70.7 K2022-05-06 11:32:26
Südtirol 4.80 Setup.exe
Installation for Windows for actual
MapSource and BaseCamp (not version 4.6.2)
or MapInstall (not version 4.0.4).
Not required if GMAP format was downloaded.
41.4 M2022-05-06 16:50:34
Südtirol 480.gmap.zip
GMAP format for Windows and Mac with actual
BaseCamp / MapInstall.
Not required if Windows setup was downloaded.
43.4 M2022-05-06 16:35:48
For users without access to Mapsource or
Basecamp / Mapinstall:
To be copied to device/SD-folder 'Garmin' (remove
former versions).
Not required if Windows setup or GMAP is used.
47.8 M2022-05-06 16:37:38

Map Toolkit (MapTk)

Version 4.4.6 of MapTk (2021-07-19)
History and more details see here: English or Deutsch

Map of Südtirol

Version 4.80 of map (2022-05-06)

BaseCamp 4.7.0 and MapInstall 4.2.0 are not able to transfer registry based maps (IMG format) into the GPS device.
Use the GMAP format instead.

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